Any American citizen who was regularly enlisted, inducted, or commissioned, and who was accepted for, or was on, active duty in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, or Coast Guard of the United States, or itís allies shall be eligible for membership in the Corporation.

Class of Membership - There shall be the following forms of membership:

A. Voting Membership shall be limited to such persons as have suffered spinal cord injuries or diseases whether service connected or non service connected. Persons who are on active duty or who must continue to serve after the cessation of hostilities are also eligible for membership.

B. Any individual may become an associate member with the consent of the Board. Associate members have all the rights of a regular member except voting.

If you have a disability and would benefit from meeting others with similar challenges or if you would like to attend sporting events that are wheelchair orientated, or if you support the efforts of such an organization; then you should join us. Becoming a member is easy, just contact our offices at (407) 328-7041. Membership in PVA includes the following privileges: The ability to participate in all sporting events. Participation in any of our membership events. A subscription to Wheels in Motion, our monthly newsletter. A subscription to Paraplegia News, the National PVA magazine For disabled members. And much more!

To join, call us now at (407) 328-7041 or complete the appropriate form below.

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